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Reconnecting with our Divine Path

The purpose of this company is to reconnect individuals with their Divine Path. God has given us all a purpose in this world, it is our duty to fulfill it! We hope that you will use the tools provided on this site to enhance your spiritual abilities and connection.

Pink Sugar


I, Marqueeta, the founder and sole owner of Princess Queet, LLC., have been on my healing journey for many years. I was raised in the traditional church setting and my connection with God started from a very young age. I grew out of the traditional setting but I never lost touch with God. I started my TikTok channel in 2022, to help other individuals who were experiencing the same traumas and blockages. 

From a very young age, I experienced spiritual attacks to interfere with my destiny. I have persevered through any test sent my way, though I may have failed a few times along the way! LOL! I am hoping to share my spiritual knowledge, anointing, and blessings with you. I will not ever judge you but I will always love and protect you. Welcome to my Soul Tribe Prince/Princess. Here is where we find peace and stop karmic trauma cycles together!

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