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  • Love Reading

    Love is a beautiful thing but sometimes love can get a bit confusing! Book a reading to gain insight on your love life today! We will take a deep dive into the energies surrounding your love life.

  • Mini Reading

    This is an emailed reading. I will pull 8 cards and tell you what I see. Please put the topic you would like me to pull for, in the message box upon booking. I will give you a screenshot of the cards, the message, and one channeled song. Please be sure you have access to the email you book with. All Mini readings will be sent within 24hours of the booked time slot. Thanks!

  • General Reading

    A general reading is a pull on your love life, finances, and the energies around you! We will look into each aspect of your life and see what energy lies there. Each part of your life is intertwined, let's check it all!

  • Finance Reading

    Managing your finances can be a bit overwhelming when you are experiencing blockages! Book a finance reading to take a look at what is blocking your New Beginning. Check in to see where your abundance is!

  • Dual Live Session

    Would you like to host a Live TikTok Reading Session with me? This will be a collective reading session where we tag off of each other to tell the story for the live collective. This is a chance for readers to grow their audience. You must have at least 5,000 followers to register. I will host a zoom session to meet everyone and discuss what days we will be going live together and the topic.

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