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A Blast from the Past

Someone Misses You!

There is a past energy lingering around you at this time. This person could have earth sign placements in the sun, moon, or rising (or you could). This person was ungrounded at the time that you were connected. This person did not see your worth and caused you a lot of mental anguish! I see this person probably SKRESSED you tf out! Lol Like chile, the headache is coming through the screen! This person was caught on their past ways, people, or lifestyles that hindered your connection from moving forward. This individual is seeking you at this moment. They wish to communicate with you about how they intend to make up for the strife they caused in your mind and heart. This person is in regret and feeling deep remorse for how they treated you during the connection or after the connection was over. I see some of you have caused a major tower moment in this person's life. You have gathered yourself and stopped allowing this person to trigger you.

This person now feels as if you don't care for them the way you once did. It has them reminiscing about the past moments the two of you shared. They are confused about how to reapproach you. Your demeanor or the way you react to them is significantly different than what they were used to. For some of you, this person experienced a tower moment in their life, and it has made them reconsider the way they were living. This person could be facing jail time, loss of income, loss of fake friends, or some other major life event. This tower has them looking at life completely different. The people they believed would be there for them during these hard times, are nowhere to be found. This person is experiencing mental frustrations and for the first time in a long time, you are not there for them to lean on. Apart of their karmic lesson was to realize the significant difference in having you around vs not having you around. They are feeling like they two of you are no longer aligned and it is triggering them in a way they have not felt before, Expect a call, text, or DM from this person. They are wanting to talk. They miss you!

Things of Significance: Seeing 4's, Earth Sign Energy, Chris Brown, early 2000s music, random squirrels, lighting bolt, crows, globe, orange cats, red shirt, 6th, 9th, 2Pac, Bandanas.

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