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Closure and Opportunity

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Chile, let me just say I'm proud of you shugg! I see you have been setting some boundaries with someone of the past. This person didn't realize you were serious until it was too late. This person had secrets that may have caused the two of you to separate. This individual was lowkey blinded by pride and ego and thought you would continuously chase them after some disappointment. You woke them up!

This person is now upset because they would like to put a proposal on the table and they are, for the first time, nervous that you won't return the energy. Someone feels as if they want to "show up" on you but they didn't know how the conversation would go. This person sees that you are seemingly happier without them in your energy. This person is questioning whether this is really goodbye. Someone wants to talk about the things that occurred between you two! This person's head is spinning. I see you are seeking closure. I feel as if you may love this person but their inability to remain focused, has caused you to fall out of love. IDK if that makes sense but that's the energy! I see you are no longer chasing things that distract or hurt you. Someone has learned to stop emotionally abusing themselves by putting themselves in situations to be hurt. You better GO Girl/Boy! & That's on big healing!!!

This newfound energy of self- care is attracting some bright new energy. This energy has aligned you with a lover that is going to treasure you from the first encounter. Spirit wants you to keep dreaming of your dream partner. This is a form of manifesting. If you can see it, you can have it. Breathe in and out and realize that everything is happening for you! This person may be causing some problems in the background, but God has already resolved this issue. Your hard work in wanting to better yourself is going to pay off. Your new partner is heading your way to show you all the love you deserve. Be confident when this person enters. They will have Goddess/Godly energy. They will be good for you!

Although this past person may be causing a bit of a ruckus, decide to be happy in this moment! They will be dealt with! Trust! God is watching and He will not stand for them harming you in any way. This stress that they wished on you, will find its way back to them. Your future is looking much brighter, and you need to be happy about that! Be softer with yourself in this moment. We all like to say "why? & What if" but you can't judge yourself for past mistakes. You know better now & you are doing better! That's the focus babes, okay? Keep your innocent heart and stay hopeful! I hear God whispering to you. "If I, God, am the embodiment of love. And I am with you. Surely Love is with you." God says love is still in the cards for you! Never lose faith in love because love is the second highest vibration, next to authenticity. Be yourself and you will attract someone perfect to love the real you! Wholey, happily, and tenderly.

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