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Destroyer Spirit

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Baby you are dealing with a spirit that is ANGRY with you! This energy is upset because they feel like you were the "under dog" and you still came out on top! This spirit is attached to a devilish person or multiple people. I hear groups. Some of you may be being attacked by groups of people! These people are mad at you for multiple different reason honey! You got everybody pressed, stressed, and looking a mess! LOL



Someone is jealous of the fact that the person they want, seems to want you or that someone is leaving them behind due to a love they feel for you. This person feels like "old news." Someone has a major crush on you and finds you extremely attractive and strong. Independent is what I heard. This person likes your independence. They seem to run into people who are co-dependent and they like that you are not that way. This is drawing this person in closer to you. They feel as if they could have a legacy with you. They may be keeping a distance from you at this time. They are trying to protect you from this hateful person of their past. They don't want their past to taint the connection they wish to build with you. This person adores your spark! They are getting their emotions together to be able to come towards you. This person may be shy or just feel slightly insecure about their finances or home life situation. They don't want to be rejected by you. They feel a genuine attraction for you! This background energy is attempting to block this connection from forming out of pure jealousy! They literally are upset that its not them. Sounds like a personal problem to me babes!



Someone at your job, on your platform, or in your industry is sipping some heavy HATERADE! This person feels like they are not praised as much as you in the workplace or on the platform. You are seen as the "golden child" or "golden ticket" compared to this person. Your hard work is paying off heavily for you in this upcoming season. This person is witnessing you elevate right in front of them and it is triggering them majorly. This person comes off as indecisive and uncoordinated. While you appear calm, organized, and determined. I hear 'the extra mile.' People see that you are willing to go the extra mile to get the job done and they are smitten with you. This ill-tempered person may try to sabotage your reputation or opportunities, but you are being heavily protected at this time. Your spirit team is turning this person every way but loose babes! Continue to shine without fear or hesitation. You are meant to be a leader and that's exactly what's coming towards you. I heard a leadership position or a comeback season if you run a business.


General Energy:

Baby you are coming out as a "Hell Raiser." Lol. The people around you who are insecure are feeling really uneasy! They are used to people or you, shrinking to make them feel comfortable but you are not doing this! You are coming out in Empress energy (energy does not have gender). The empress energy represents birthing new ideas, projects, and relationships from a place of confidence and compassion. You will not slime someone out to get to the top, but you will not make yourself small either. You are in some very abundant energy right now! Like extremely abundant. Spirit is in the process of rewiring your thought process. This is the time to fast and meditate more than ever. You were meant to make the devil uncomfortable. You don't have to do anything outside of exist! Your energy will speak before you do. (control your face... someone speaks with their facial expressions lol) You were the black sheep in your family, job, or connections; not anymore. You are about to be placed in a position where you can help the outcasts and the rejects. Remember to have the heart to see the people like you. Remember how it felt to be unseen? Don't repeat that to others when this authority is granted to you. Be gracious and humble, but step on necks! Balance :)

Additional messages and zodiacs:

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